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Digital Marketing is an emerging career-line. As more and more online business has started operating, the demand for online marketers or digital marketers has also increased. Big companies who migrated to online business will require well-qualified digital marketers, affiliate managers and SEO marketers who can market their products cost-effectively and successfully.

The best way to learn digital marketing is to take up an online course with qualified and experienced instructors. In this article, we’ll look at some of the most sort after digital marketing courses available online, free as well as paid.

Who can do this course?

People who want to build a career as a digital marketer should take this course. Online business people, entrepreneurs, marketing students, marketing managers will also benefit from these courses.

¬†Google’s Digital Marketing Fundamentals-Free

Google is there for everyone! Google’s Fundamentals of Digital Marketing is a free 26-module course, which covers all the basics of digital marketing. It has many real-world examples and practice tests to help one better understand the subject. It is a forty-hour long course, with free certification on successful completion of course.

HubSpot Academy-Free

HubSpot is another free platform to learn digital marketing courses like email marketing, social media marketing, SEO training, conversion optimization, WordPress, etc. It provides students with practical examples and tests. A developer of software products and marketing giant, Hubspot is a website any student of online marketing.

SEMRush Academy-Free

SEMRush Tools are digital marketing course, which is 100% free and teaches all about keyword research tools. It has short classes on SEO marketing, which is part of digital marketing. SEO fundamentals and content marketing are taught in-depth in SEMRush courses. One can easily sign-up to these courses without any registration fee. Developed by a group of SEO and IT specialists, this platform has some of the relevant updates on SEO hacks as well.

Coursera’s Digital Marketing Couse-Free

Coursera is a well-established online learning platform with hundreds of courses. Marketing ranks high in the top 50 popular courses in Coursera. It covers the whole course in six-modules, by some major industry experts. Search engine optimization, 3D printing, digital marketing analytics and social media marketing are some of the main chapters covered.

Digital Marketing

Simplilearn’s Digital Marketing Specialist Master’s Program-Paid

For more professional master’s certification on digital marketing, Simplilearn’s course is apt. It covers some advanced areas of digital marketing like web analytics, conversion and strategy, advanced mobile marketing, email marketing, and advanced website rate conversion optimization. Taking this course can help can in cracking exams like Google Analytics, Google Ads and OMCA (Online Marketing Certified Associate)

Wharton’s Digital Marketing Professional Certification

Wharton’s Digital Marketing is another master’s certification program which covers areas like business and e-commerce models, social media analytics, strategies to achieve customer-centricity, etc.