Marketing your Small Business on the Internet (Part 2) Hire a Professional Web Designer

Marketing your Small Business on the Internet (Part 2) Hire a Professional Web Designer

Pittsburgh, PA – While image isn't everything, perception is. Have you ever been to a Website where you just knew the author wasn't a professional? The viewers of your business Website need to see your company in its best light. It may be the only chance you have to gain or keep a customer. Your Website reflects your image, which reflects your work. The viewer will see your work or product as inferior if your Web presence is amateurish. The good news is that we offer you a solution right here at Blackball Online.


Professional Website Design consists of much more than just the visual appearance of your site. The first order of business is to decide what you want your site to do. What is the purpose? Is it to drive customers in flocks to the phone to call for your services? Is it to provide specific details and information about which you excel? Only you can answer this question.

Layout and Colors:

Based on the intent and the products or services you sell, it's now time to choose your colors and a layout for your Website. Our staff consists of graphic designers as well as professional advertising personnel that provide the experience necessary to bring your Website to life.


If you haven’t heard it before you’ll hear it now; content is King. Who knows your business better than you do? To be effective, being involved with the content compilation of your Website is a must. This will increase the value of your site by including things about your business that a designer would not know, or think to ask. Industry specific terminologies and processes are very valuable to your site as keywords to differentiate it from the competition.


If you painted the Mona Lisa in your basement and no-one saw it what, would this do for your painting reputation? On-site and Off-Site Search Engine Optimization is the key to the visibility and market reach your Website will enjoy. After all the work that went into your Website you want it to reach as many prospective clients as possible. We provide a Level 1 SEO package free with all basic Websites designed by Blackball Online. We’re well versed in applying a sound SEO initiative to gain and maximize your Internet exposure. Visit our SEO page on the Blackball Online Website to learn more.

Finally - the cost issue. If you were worried about cost from the beginning of this post when I mentioned the word “professional,” don't be. There are many do-it-yourself Website Design packages out there; too many to mention any specifically. The decision is yours, but unless you have the time and access to a skilled developer who can provide consistent support you’ll find yourself spending a lot more time than you wanted on things, accompanied by the ensuing frustrations that can follow.

With that said, let me put your mind at ease. Your time is worth money. We have developed a strategy that enables us to bring you a high quality Website at an affordable cost, very quickly. For more info visit our Website Design Services page for all the particulars. Give your business what it needs: a professional Website that serves you well and achieves its goal – showcasing and driving your business.

Contact Us at Blackball Online for an evaluation of your business needs and a strategy for resolving them.

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