Twitter Launches Promoted Trends

Twitter Launches Promoted Trends

Twitter Marketing in PittsburghTwitter users get ready –  Promoted Trends are coming to Twitter. In a global test of unspecified duration Twitter announces that in addition to Promoted tweets, they will unveil Promoted Trends. The next question is obvious. So here’s Twitter official FAQ on the subject.

Q. What are "Promoted Trends"?

A. Promoted Trends are a new advertising concept we began testing this week; they are an extension of our Promoted Tweets platform. With Promoted Trends, users will see time-, context- and event-sensitive trends promoted by our advertising partners. These Promoted Trends initially appear at the bottom of the Trending Topics list on Twitter and are clearly marked "Promoted." As conversations about the topic increase, Promoted Trends may move up the list.

While the brief write-up specifies that this is in testing, we expect to see more from Twitter as far as monetizing. Twitter has become unique unto itself in that it seems to actually respect its users unlike some other Social Media platforms we all know.

Persistent Promoted Tweets as Twitter calls them will appear at the top of the Promoted Trend. Already Twitter has made reference to filters that would keep the topic or trend clean from abuse. That means Twitter is watching for those who would compromise the site with unfavorable or abusive information – yes the s*** word.

We applaud Twitter for their consistent and respectful attitude towards their users and will continue to support their platform. Blackball Online Marketing offers Social media solutions in the form of Twitter Marketing to small business in the Pittsburgh area.

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