Twitter is Self Cleansing

Twitter is Self Cleansing

As we have gone through the process of learning to use Twitter for our business we have tried to take you with us for the ride. We have learned many things along the way which are listed in the Twitter category of the Blackball Online SEO Newsblog. We have travelled this road without a map. None exists that I know of. There are no rules of the road on Twitter. It’s more like asking for directions every so many miles in the Wild West.

We have tried to be courteous of others as we would have them return the favor to us. We have had our share of missteps and been loved and scorned for the exact same practices, go figure. To each their own. With such a wide open medium which is still finding its way, I see no reason to chastise a Twitter user for something that I may find in bad taste or annoying. That is my problem. I just unfollow or pay no attention. Can you imagine walking down the street and having everyone tell you everything they think is annoying? I may never leave the house.

I personally have had a follower DM me for tweeting too much for his liking. Well, unfollow me. That’s OK. I am not about to go to his place of business and set the hours he can open his doors. In retrospect I may have been a little overzealous, it happens. Twitter has set the limit for this and many other things like Twitters you can follow in a day, Tweets per hour, API calls, etc. That is the ultimate law of the land.

In another article Eight Twitter Habits That May Get You Unfollowed or Semi-Followed, the writer goes on to say what is annoying to him. This is fine. That’s what it’s all about, open discussion. Everyone sees and uses Twitter in a different way. That is the beauty of the medium. Like I’ve previously stated, there is no road map.

As reported in the BBC News at, “Twitter tweets are 40% babble.” We say one person’s babble is another person’s bullion. Gold that is. Define babble by the way. In my estimation it is an opinion; All subjective and all fine.

If you are truly involved in the conversation, and you don’t like it, change it. Everyone has their own personal or business uses for Twitter. It’s uncharted territory. What is important or interesting to me may not be your cup of tea. Part of the beauty of Twitter, and of this world, is that we can peacefully coexist – follow each other, and help each other in a meaningful way without ever interacting if we choose not to. Until a time comes in the future, say a time of crisis, breaking news, or when we find a common topic of interest that we find we are all just people sharing our message and pursuing our dreams. Twitter is just the medium.

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