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Having a first-class website is a must in today’s turbocharged business climate. In our opinion, participating in Twitter and Social Media to drive business to your website only strengthens your companies ability to reach prospective clients. Having said this, we started thinking of ways to tie the two together.

Everyone knows about Twitter, not everyone knows how powerful it is. Many business owners simply don’t understand Twitter. It’s time to shed some light on Twitter and its ability to drive business to your website. Pittsburgh Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimization depends on being fundamentally sound as well as being innovative. That’s where this new technique comes in.

Simply linking @blackballonline to the home page of our site completes the circle of the social graph for Twitter. Now our Twitter username is linked to our website. We haven’t seen anyone attempt this. We are curious ourselves as to the results.

This brings to mind some other methods of ranking on Google for our site. What if we put #Pittsburgh #Internet #Marketing #SEO in anchor text and linked it to our site. Well, we’ll find out. Twitter and the 200,000+ apps that surround it are fantastic traffic sources. I’m sure this will benefit the rankings, just how much time will tell. Get inventive and shares your thoughts with a comment.

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