Walter Cronkite and Twitter – Strange Bedfellows

Walter Cronkite and Twitter - Strange Bedfellows

Usually we post tips and information about small business, social media, and our Pittsburgh SEO company – Blackball Online, but this post is about social influence and the power of the brand.

When I was growing up, one voice stood out above all others for trust and authority, Walter Cronkite. His voice and demeanor was always steady, unwavering and calming during the myriad of world-changing events I saw him cover. He was always there, describing the news and current happenings with that unmistakable voice. A rock in an uncertain world at times, this man was the definition of Authoritative. He never lost his cool and rarely showed emotion. As for social influence, he embodied the term. He set the standard for integrity while he reported with the steadiness of a true professional. We could all learn a bit about how to act and carry on our business from this man.

In 1963 Bob Dylan sang, The Times They Are A-Changin.'” The same year Walter Cronkite announced the death of President Kennedy to so many astounded viewers. This profound change Dylan spoke of has never been truer than it is today. Social media has empowered all of us to expound on any topic which suits our fancy and usually we are all of varying opinions, but I don’t think anyone would voice an unkind word about a man like Walter Cronkite and in this we can all agree.

In the fast paced digital times we now are experiencing, we could use a steady voice like Walter Cronkite’s. But now we can all have our own voices heard with Twitter and other social media. If we can somehow add just a bit of that steady tone and genuine realness Cronkite was known for, we’ll all be the better for it. Walter Cronkite was a brand unto himself that spoke authority, trust and consistency – someone we could count on.

With the Iranian elections, Twitter has become a brand unto itself as well. We can use Twitter to convey the relevance of products and our business. We can also share our thoughts; promote our products, our business, our opinions, our friends, and our condolences. “And That’s The Way It Is” – Walter Cronkite.

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