Social Media: You Better Watch Out

The Youtube Whitehouse - Social Media capital of the world

The White House pulled an about-face in record time with the Shirley Sherrod situation. Why? For the most part Social Media. The White House may have been able to contain and manipulate this “faux pas” to a degree within the traditional media outlets, but Social Media has changed all that. Just ask those involved up on Capitol Hill.

As we discussed the speed, reach and that all-powerful transparency in one of our prior posts - Meet the new corporate boardroom the White House was “tenderly” nudged into an about face. Maybe the White House should have read our Blog post.

History is filled with these types of incidents and there’s a lot more to come. The caveat in the Social Media age is that the need to get it right is magnified. It seems as if the facts no longer matter in the digital world. Fast paced snippets of copy, be it video, digital or social, can be so easily manipulated and misinterpreted – or uncovered.

In all fairness to the White House, they were not the only ones who did no fact checking. The NAACP and Fox news were just as guilty; running with a story with no background research. News cycles and the need for speed can cost in a big way.

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