Doing Social Media Well – Scale

Scaling Your Social Media campaigns

Scaling Your Social Media campaigns

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Digg, Reddit; the list goes on and on. Doing Social Media Well requires the right research first. Choosing your social media mix wisely will enable you to budget your social time wisely.

Most small business owners have limited time. It’s a problem that persists in any business of any size. Limited resources and grandiose plans can be fuel for what we call social media burn. Burning all of your energies and receiving modest to no return for your effort. Our advice is to look at scale when choosing social media campaigns to become involved in.

All the social media platforms take time to learn. Some are much more time consuming than others, however. When starting on your social media journey, start small. Sign up for a platform that interests you and try it on. Give yourself a time budget for research, a time budget for development, and a time budget for interaction. At first you may want to forgo interaction and be a lurker. This allows for more development time but you will eventually want to get involved, right?

Take into account the scale of the platform and the time budget. What happens if this becomes very rewarding? Can you scale your social media effort? Given your resources, can you add other platforms to your marketing mix? Just remember that doing social media well requires time, interaction, and a ramp up period. We wish you well.

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