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Pittsburgh Social Media Marketing Campaign Strategies

Having completed the planning of your Social Media Marketing Campaign/s it’s time to take a look at your company’s core competencies and shortcomings. The SWOT analysis has been used as a business tool for some time and is a good barometer for analyzing your business. While Social Media is the focus of this series of posts, this analysis tool can be used for any number of business projects.

Being very honest with yourself and using cautious measurement will serve you well here. We like to underestimate slightly for unforeseen factors that arise thus giving us a real world scenario and a better overall picture of how a campaign will perform.


Analyzing Your Social Media Campaigns


Go through the SWOT chart with all the parties involved and see where you stand in these areas. A much clearer picture will develop about where your management and employees stand and if they’re on board. This is where your Social Media Campaign starts to take shape and where it gets fun.

If there is a consensus that the company has the required skills to proceed then you can look at ways to leverage your Strengths to drive this Social Marketing campaign. During your analysis Opportunities will present themselves, be sure to document them. When analyzing weaknesses look for ways to turn these into strengths. If extra training is required a third party Social Media Consultant may be an option for you. Turn threats into opportunities by identifying them and devoting resources to combat or overcome them.


The Social Media Landscape

Your choice of social media sites depends on your current customers, the resources identified in your SWOT analysis and the location of your targeted demographic. Many of these sites require considerable time while others are simply channels of distribution for your content. Consider your time investment and the ability to consistently maintain support for them all. We always recommend starting with a few Social Media channels until you have developed a sufficient proficiency with them and then add channels as you move on or see opportunities. Just remember your consistency and commitment to your Social Media Campaigns will ultimately determine their success.

A great article on the list of links and tools is available at

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