Doing Social Media Well – Audiences

Doing Social Media Well - Audiences

Communication Through Social MediaAs an Internet Marketing Business in Pittsburgh we hear discussions throughout Social Media circles like, “Is Social Media for my company?” or “How do I monetize Social Media” or “How do I measure the Return On Investment for Social Media” It seems folks want to make money on Social Media platforms by advertising and without doing the homework.

In our previous post Social Networks: No Pushing Please, we mentioned the need for activity and interaction without hard sales tactics. This is true throughout all of the stages of Social Media Interaction listed below. Support and Customer Service will promote you better and faster than any tagline. Remember the mantra of The Godfather “Helping People Is Good Business”.

Becoming familiar with the Social Media Landscape:

When we were children and were introduced into new social situations we all reacted differently. As adults we carry some of those same traits with us into the digital world.  Add to this uncertainty the fact that the technology can be a barrier to some. This has the effect of causing a boisterous demeanor in some whilst others sit silently and observe. In our opinion there is no right or wrong here; only differing methods of and levels of participation.

Identifying the audience is always the most important thing when conversing in any situation in real life or digitally. Such is the case with Social Media. Communication must start with a mutual understanding on some level. Let’s analyze the landscape so we can interpret our audience with more effectiveness.

Social Media has different forms of participants:

The Lurker – one who watches and reads but says nothing (observationalist)

The Toe-dipper – a former lurker who is just testing the waters

The Rookie – just starting to explore and participate

The Inter-actor – A Social Media pro in training who is beginning to interact in the community

The PRO – Someone well versed in the ins and outs of their platforms and conversation etiquette

The MASTER – One who knows they don’t or can’t possibly know it ALL

Everyone goes through some form of each stage on this list. There is a learning curve. We believe in persistence and perseverance. Our point is that Social Media takes involvement; lots of it. To cultivate a client relationship requires a level of trust. This cannot be overlooked. Social Media is not, in our opinion, advertising. Doing Social Media Well requires that personal touch that should come from within your organization, your audience can tell.

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