Social Media and the 6 Things We Have Learned

We’ve been at this Social Media thing a while now at Blackball Online Marketing. At times we feel we’ve learned more from our clients than they have from us. All the same we know that we are barely scratching the surface.

We’ve adopted the mind-set of not so much making the right decision but making a decision right; we’re all in uncharted Social Media waters and the tides can changes quickly. The lesson here: Keep plowing forward and continue to have fun and pursue your dream, no matter what.

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So, in a nutshell, here are the 6 main things that we’ve learned so far:

1. There are no experts in Social Media.  Every campaign stands or falls based on its’ own merits.

2. Clients have to be involved at the deepest of levels now, and, more than ever for the best chance at success. It’s your voice. Not anybody elses.

3. Social Media is “Social” not promotional - that comes later. Begin by helping people.
Remember what Michael Corleone said in The Godfather -  “Helping people is good business.”

4. Have fun. Experiment. Think differently, push the envelope, and, of course be there and interact.

5. Overnight success doesn’t exist. Like someone once said, “It took me years to become an overnight success.”

6. Small, Micro, and Home based businesses are blazing the Social Media trail. Less bureaucracy to inhibit risk taking and experimentation. Barriers to entry based on cost are minimal for small business. Add to this a primal need to survive and you have a pretty potent concoction for innovation.

Bonus: We still find there is a disconnect in truly communicating on the Internet. The mediums we use as our social media platforms lack the ability to judge tone, inflection, and purpose. There are bound to be improvements as we all move forward.

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