Seniors Get Social – 12 Reasons To Recruit Seniors for your Social Media Campaigns

A huge talent pool exists for Social Media that is not being leveraged. Senior citizens and baby boomers who have retired or partially retired offer an amazingly vast array of skills that are not being recognized by the Social Media community. Blackball Online Marketing understands that business is really all about people: how we think, how we respond, how we interact with other people.

Funny Senior Image about Life before the ComputerSo, we decided to list the benefits of recruiting retirees in a Social Media setting:

1. People skills - Most successfully retired people offer amazing people skills. It goes without saying, seniors are very seasoned, savvy and a have a desire to pass their experiences on. (We’ll call this wisdom.) Add to this a lot of seniors are still hungering for a new challenge to keep active and participate in something that they could enjoy, contribute to, have fun with, and talk to their grand-kids about.

2. Communication skills – Remember when communication didn’t involved mostly acronyms? I think you get the point here.

3. Attitude – Maybe it’s the retirement, not having to do the daily 9 -5 grind every day, but we find most retirees have a great attitude and are looking to stay involved under the right conditions. Isn’t this something all businesses could use?

4. Cost – Most seniors have their benefit packages in place already. This decreases the cost of enlisting them to help your social media campaigns. Pay rates are also more flexible. Seniors give you more for less.

5. Stability – If you’ve made it on this orb long enough to be called a senior, that says something for your stability right there.

6. Consistency – Let’s face it, the work ethic and standards were much higher in the past.

7. Experience & Variety – Many Seniors are retired master tradesman, vice presidents, upper management, office administrators, HR people, the list is almost endless.

8. Contacts – Folks that have been in business in certain fields have a built in contact list they bring to the table. Why not utilize this? Did you ever see some seniors email contacts list? – it would make a phone book jealous.

9. Values – without going into a diatribe about the decay of modern society, seniors have a core value system that would be a welcome addition to any Social Media endeavor.

10. Credibility – Along with Values, Stability, Consistency, and of course Experience.

11. Peers – Seniors trust seniors. Need I say more?

12. Logistics – The ability to work remotely via the Internet. More and more seniors are getting Online every day and participating in Social.

Now mind you we’re not talking about seniors replacing someone at lower cost or taking jobs from those in their prime working years. We’re talking about leveraging the retired/senior experience in a support capacity that’s convenient, flexible, enjoyable and contributory for seniors and for the enterprise itself. Seniors have done their 9-5 for 40 years and probably not much interested in a “round two.”

We consulted various seniors in the process of writing this post. All were in agreement that this post was overdue. We hope you feel the same way.

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