Pittsburgh SMO – What Is It and Why Does My Business Need It?

Pittsburgh SMO -  What Is It and Why Does My Business Need It?

Pittsburgh, PA - SMO or Social Media Optimization should be part of your overall Internet Marketing plan. Building your business reputation for the digital audience becomes more important every day as print media becomes too slow to react to trends and take advantage of time sensitive opportunities. We have spoken in many of our posts about this and we encourage you to read from our library of small business advice.

SMO leverages your ability to use the social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to increase your exposure and reach out to your customers in ways that were not available even ten years ago. It also offers your business publicity in subtle and more personal ways. We all spend so much time working that we become our businesses. Why not transfer that passion to online promotion with a personal touch?

Social Media Optimization is a way to reinforce your advertising by providing solid feedback to your customers. This builds and enhances the relationship and solidifies your bond. Make no mistake, business has become personal. No two businesses are alike. Distinguish yours by providing sound advice to your customers using this free avenue.

SMO can also take your customer service to a whole new level. The ability to respond quickly is what makes all digital business ventures so powerful. Promotions can be rolled out in a fraction of the time they used to take. Issues can be addressed in a timely manner that all customers appreciate. The speed of business increases every day. SMO provides the means to keep up.

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter all have their special niches in the SMO plan. Twitter is very useful for quick promotion of your Blog, your website, and quick turnaround for simple customer service issues. Facebook offers a more robust advertising solution and the ability to market to closer contacts. LinkedIn is a professional profile with legs. The use of LinkedIn can benefit your promotion by providing your credentials to support your marketing strategy and give weight to your argument why your customer should pick you over your competition.

Blackball Online provides cost effective Pittsburgh SMO Consulting solutions to small business. Let us help you help your business by taking advantage of the one thing no other business has, YOU. Visit our website or call us at (412)377-7280.

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