Will Facebook Turn Into the New MySpace Over Privacy Concerns

Facebook, the New MySpace

Facebook privacy - be careful

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette had an article today about Facebook's privacy concerns titled Privacy concerns worry some users of Facebook. While this is nothing new, it spotlights the growing concerns of the general public about Facebook and privacy. There was also a segment on the Early Show not long ago about this very thing.

Yogi Berra said “No one goes there anymore, it got too popular.” With all the publicity that Facebook was getting about temporarily unseating Google as the number one trafficked site on the Internet, along came growing concerns about Facebook's privacy policy. Facebook users have swelled to over 400 million and growing. All the while, Facebook has been lifting restrictions on privacy.

Will Facebook becomes the new MySpace? Users on MySpace, the once popular social network among teens, left in droves over advertising and privacy concerns. Will the same thing happen to Facebook? It very well could if these issues are not addressed immediately.

Blackball Online Marketing has chosen a wait and see approach before investing time and energy on Facebook from a business perspective. Our Facebook experience to date is that it has no rhyme or reason. Their implementation and changes are too complex or intricate to understand easily for the average user. We also want to see Facebook address their bipolar attitude towards privacy on their popular social media site before we jump on board.

While very different platforms, a good case study would be Twitter whose microblog is another social media giant. Their approach to privacy has been swift and decisive. Facebook needs to implement a measured and thorough revamp of their brand and their message before usership and advertising dollars go to the next best biggest thing, just like what happened to MySpace.

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