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Pittsburgh, PA - Well, the inevitable has arrived. I joined Twitter. (@blackballonline) I had all kinds of objections and reservations that kept me from joining. One was that the site was not about business. I was dead wrong. What a fantastic way to join the throngs and communicate with many potential customers and business colleagues. I can now see the immense business value in this and if you have not joined yet, for your sake please do. I keep my Tweets almost exclusively to business as that is my purpose on Twitter.

Twitter was easy to join and they have a great starting video on the Twitter homepage or this one which is more in depth at Online Marketing and Advertising is all about the customer. Twitter facilitates this well when approaching it in a business sense allowing for a simple yet effective campaign to be crafted and carried out in a relatively short period of time.

To all those who prodded me, Thank you. Tweet away at me @blackballonline or visit our Pittsburgh Internet Marketing or our Pittsburgh Internet Consulting Newsblog and please sign up for our email or rss subscription.

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