G-20 Summit – It’s Getting Closer

G-20 Summit, It’s Getting Closer

As Pittsburgh gets ready to roll out the “Red Carpet” for the G-20 Summit, we, as a city have the rare opportunity to display our innovativeness, creativity and our own unique “Burghness” and share it with the world. There are probably a few reasons to why Pittsburgh was chosen as the 2009 G-20 Summit host. Here’s what I believe a few of them are:

Pittsburghers themselves, I believe when all these diverse cultures meet for the G-20 summit in our backyard they’re going to be hard pressed finding a friendlier, more accommodating and engaging bunch of people. Topped off by the passion Pittsburghers have for their hometown.

The Rooney family, if there is any name or family that embodies the Pittsburgh spirit and truly makes us unique; it’s the owners of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

A powerful aversion to giving up, it’s just not in our vocabulary. Pittsburgh’s history is built on a “plowing forward” attitude no matter how tough things get.

Technological innovation, Pittsburgh is right up there with Silicon Valley. And CMU is eyeball-to-eyeball with MIT. Pittsburgh has done more than its share with leading the way technically and medically.

Primanti Brothers, do you know how far some people go to get a Primanti sandwich? Well, maybe the G-20 Summit group is no different. They’ll experience one of the great tastes of Pittsburgh– literally.

    On another G-20 Summit note, there’s been a lot in the news about what to do concerning all the protesters. Well, here’s one solution (and it would save some tax dollars); we could “Pittsburghize” the protesters via Primanti’s delicious sandwiches.

    Instead of employing manpower ensuring and protecting the right to peaceable assembly, hand out Primanti sandwiches to the G-20 protesters. After we win them over with Primanti’s great chow, the only thing we’ll have to worry about is getting them enough Iron City to wash it down and desert. The only protesting we’ll be hearing from the protesters is “hey, we want more.”

    So that’s about it. You may or may not see this as a “fluff piece” or something like that, but one thing is for certain, Pittsburgh was picked to host the G-20 Summit for a reason. It didn’t happen in a vacuum or at random.

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