What is the Value of a Business Class Email Address?

First off, what is a business grade (or class) email address? It's an email address with your business's domain name incorporated in it, for example:  jillsmith@acme.com. Email is such a major part of business communication these days, it's surprising the number of small and home based business people who use their Yahoo or AOL, etc., etc. email address as their company email. This is like using your home phone number as your work number.  Just starting out you may have to do that, but in time you know you should probably get a separate phone number dedicated to your business.

A business class email address does say something about you. It says you took the time to register your company in the Online world, which states you are not a fly-by-night, you plan on being around, lends to credibility and when it's about work, it's about work.  People tend to feel more comfortable about doing business with other professionals using a business grade email ... probably for the reasons just mentioned.

If an enterprise that has been around for a bit hasn't taken the time to just get a business email account going, (and it's easy to do and not expensive) what then is the perception of that business taking time for me as a customer?

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