Build Your Local Business Reputation with the BBB and Your Local Chamber of Commerce

Build Your Local Business Reputation with the BBB and Your Local Chamber of Commerce

Pittsburgh, PA – We say it over and over again in our Pittsburgh Online Marketing Newsblog - sound marketing and advertising fundamentals for small businesses have not changed. The Internet has just increased the speed of information delivery and breadth of exposure. Add to this mix joining your local Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau and your brand reputation can be greatly enhanced while reaching a wider audience.

Joining these organizations lets your customers know you are reputable and dedicated to providing services worthy of their business; that you are willing to go that extra mile. Whether you are a brick and mortar business or an Online Marketing Business like Blackball Online Marketing, joining these two organizations is, we believe, good advice.

In addition to building your brand and personal reputation in the community these resources build your online reputation by providing quality links to your site by highly valued authorities. Businesses in Pittsburgh are very fortunate to have so many assets to choose from yet many small businesses fail to utilize them. The Better Business Bureau or BBB has a host of resources and some very knowledgeable folks just waiting to assist you.

Build Trust…..Build Your Business

Given the current economic climate consumers are being more cautious on where and how they spend their money. It has created a specific feeling in today’s marketplace playing a role in producing what has been labeled a “fear economy”.

“As a result of the uncertainty and the fear, people are actively seeking to do business with companies that can offer them solutions without stress and uncertainty. Today’s consumer values authenticity, honesty, integrity, reality and trust, and they expect these same values in the companies with which they choose to do business,” states Warren King, president of the Better Business Bureau of Western Pennsylvania.

People want to do business with companies they know they can trust. To be successful – to create a marketplace where buyers and sellers can trust each other - we need businesses to adhere to and adopt standards for trust in the marketplace. As you think about your own businesses, there are three key things every business should do:

  • Communicate and live by a set of standards or values. Your consumers should know what you stand for, and they should want to do business with you because of it.
  • Honor your promises. It’s easy – do what you say you are going to do, when you say you are going to do it.
  • Lastly, act with integrity. People will remember you for it, and they’ll want to do business with you because of it.

To learn more about consumer trust trends, go to the BBB/Gallup Trust in Business Index for more information.

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Below are some of the benefits of becoming a member of your local Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau:

Local Business to Business relationships can be cultivated and experience and services can be traded. Many other professionals may have areas of expertise that will benefit your business. This also offers you a chance to show your skills and services to a number of local businesspeople.

Any local Chamber of Commerce also affords networking opportunities, advertising at affordable rates, and many other highly coveted affiliations. Education and information are key to building a solid local presence in your community.

The Better Business Bureau has an outstanding website and very good service from personal experience. Blackball Online Marketing encourages all small businesses to join each of these outstanding institutions. Costs may vary in your area for each of these products but in our opinion it’s well worth it.

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