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You found us!  Welcome.  Let's get right to it.  The purpose of this blog is to help your small or home based business get new clients.  We are going to help by navigating you through the interactive medium of Pittsburgh Internet Marketing and technology.

With so many people these days looking for products and services on the Internet, you can't afford to at least look at the Internet as a means to increase business.  My father-in-law worked in the trades his whole life and 10 years ago vowed to never own any piece of technology.

He just went on a 3 week trip and I installed a GPS (Global Positioning System) in his minivan, my son programmed his phone, and we showed him how to work his video and digital camera (again).

For better or worse, technology is here to stay; if you are a geek, this blog is not for you, this blog is for the people that don't understand the technology but want to explore how it can help grow their business. We hope you'll find this a great resource and if you don't, tell us why (we're married so we can follow directions well).

We aim to provide website design information for small business in Pittsburgh as well as observations of the business world. We handle website promotion and SEO for a number of small to mid-sized companies here in Pittsburgh and would welcome your call or email.

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