Search Engines are Brand Blind

Search Engines are Brand Blind

By marketing your services or goods via the Web, Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo do not care if you’re GE or Joe’s Electrical Service on the corner of Main Street, USA. What matters to the Search Engines is whose site has the best content tailored to their particular target market. The Search Engines see the content and text you’ve provided for your particular offerings, not the brand name, or how big you are.

Let me pass on to you a story: Mr. Patrick Cray has a small electrical contracting and HVAC business, South Hills Electric Heating and Cooling. He built his business on being trustworthy and quality workmanship. He wants to keep the ball rolling but doesn’t have the ad budget to spend on billboards, TV spots, etc like his bigger competitors.

This dilemma was solved by successfully delving into something unknown to him at the time which was Search Engine Optimization or SEO. For Mr. Cray, this was something he was a bit skeptical of in the beginning, but the cost for marketing his business using SEO to compete was well within his comfort range and worth a shot. SEO is now and continues to be the main driver of his business. He’s found a successful recipe for promoting his business that’s very cost-effective, flexible, and puts him in complete control.

Mr. Cray has also integrated Social Media into his SEO strategy to build on his current SEO success.

So, if you’re looking for an electrician or a heating and cooling specialist  Online in the Pittsburgh area or in your particular part of the city and surrounding area there’s a real good chance Mr. Cray’s South Hills Electric Heating and Cooling company will be consistently on the first page, if not on top – and it’s been that way for the past year or so for him.

When they say the Internet has leveled the playing field for the small to very small businesses they were not kidding.  Mr. Cray is now a believer; he’s got the calls for service to prove it – courtesy of a well executed SEO strategy made just for him.

If you have some questions you’d like to bounce off us about how SEO can help your business just drop us a line. We’re Blackball Online Marketing and SEO and we’re on the Internet.

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