Pittsburgh SEO Your Twitter Tweets

Pittsburgh SEO Your Twitter Tweets

Pittsburgh, PA - SEO is our passion. Because of this we make every effort to maximize your site and business to its fullest. The same goes for Twitter Tweets. The following is our analysis of the most effective way to Tweet on Twitter based on our experience to date.

Our use of Twitter is to contribute and be involved in the community, raise awareness of how our services and Website / Blog can potentially help small businesses, garner and learn from your feedback and pass on things that we’ve learned (and are still learning) through trail-and-error. Fundamentally, we use Twitter to meet and share experience with all sorts of business folks out on Twitter. We also use Twitter to spread the word, or advertise for our clients.

The anatomy of a Twitter Tweet is simple. You get 140 characters to state your case. You can add links using the hxxp://longurl format or you can use a url shortener (an algorithm that makes your url very short, thus using fewer characters). We prefer Bit.ly.

Getting down to it, normal marketing rules need not apply. Pushy Tweets or advertising don’t work on Twitter. Good quality information in as few characters as possible is the ideal Tweet formula (using effective keywords of course). Remember this is a micro blogging platform. Blog posts in miniature.

In addition to these points we must add the fact that should someone want to ReTweet or RT(send your message out again giving you credit) your Tweets should be limited to 100 or so characters. The task sounds daunting but it isn’t.

Eliminate all fluff. Promote a topic or have a call to action immediately followed by your shortened url. That’s it. Some sample Tweets we use to promote Blackball Online – Pittsburgh SEO include:

#Pittsburgh #SEO #SEM #SEA http://www.blackballonline.com

Internet Marketing for Small Business; Take Your Best Shot - http://bit.ly/GUpcd

#Twitter and the 2000 Follow Limit rule http://bit.ly/v8S99

Choose an SEO that does the research? http://bit.ly/3H3zJu

CMS Tools friend or foe? http://bit.ly/zIoyF

Some of these links are blog posts on the Blackball Online Newsblog , and we did leave the full URL for Blackball Online on the first Tweet. Other information about these Tweets – the # or hashtag as it is called, designates a topic or locale. When we use #Pittsburgh anyone who belongs to the #Pittsburgh group will get our Tweet, even if they are not following us.

We have also written some posts designed for new and experienced Twitterers. The links are here:

New to #Twitter? Get started with these Twitter tools. http://bit.ly/42iIq

Not so new to #twitter - Our 2nd installment of #Twitter Tools. http://bit.ly/5QNeW

Below are some very good posts on the same or similar topics and are worth the read;



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