Pittsburgh SEO for Small Business (Part 1) – Choose an SEO that Researches your Industry

Pittsburgh SEO for Small Business (Part 1) – Choose an SEO that Researches your Industry

Pittsburgh, PA - We have seen the rise of the SEO. A lot of old school marketing and advertising companies are now professing to be Search Engine Optimization Specialists. I speak with potential clients in the Pittsburgh area who have been approached by SEO companies who never even ask what the company does. We believe that Industry research for your target market is essential to your SEO initiative.

If you have a pre-existing website, an introductory review must be completed to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. How else would an SEO know what course of action to proceed with? A review of your site’s content and structure for search engine ranking factors such as keyword research, links, proper use of Meta information, and a number of other factors should be included.

The next step is to analyze the market itself. Is this a niche market with little competition or is the field so competitive that a diversified approach is required? Are there many players? This is something that is impossible to determine without the proper background and Internet Marketing Research.

Your SEO, we believe, should not be guarded about answering any and all questions about technical procedures. This affects your company and your rankings dramatically. Advice on website development: for example, hosting, redirects, error pages, use of JavaScript and robots files all fall under the category of SEO Consulting and we feel these are valid questions and open for discussion. If your prospective or current SEO is secretive about these items it raises a red flag. It is possible that your SEO could be harming more than helping.

We encourage our customers to be involved in every step of the SEO initiative. Content development is a major area. After all nobody knows your business like you do. An SEO can gain valuable insight and information about your company and market complexities by asking some basic questions.

Management of online business development campaigns and advertising is all dependent upon the research previously mentioned. Why spend valuable dollars and assets with someone who doesn’t have a plan of attack, a course of action, and the verifiable means to achieve your goals? Our business is to get you business.

We try to educate our customers about the SEO process if they want to be involved. An educated customer can be one of our most valuable resources. We are available to aid in SEO training to help in this process. At the same time, we want to learn about your business and market to better do our job. By doing this we can gain expertise in your specific markets and geographies and use it to drive business to your site/s.

It takes a lot more than adding a bunch of keywords to your site to be a good SEO. SEO requires Research, and a lot of it. Contact Us at Blackball Online Marketing for a free initial consultation and we’d be happy to discuss you business goals and objectives.

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