Marketing your Small Business on the Internet (Part 4) Consistency and Innovation

Marketing your Small Business on the Internet (Part 4) Consistency and Innovation

Pittsburgh, PA – If at first you don’t succeed try, try again. Beware of any SEO company that guarantees you No #1 rankings right away (unless it’s a Pay Per Click ad). Often these companies use procedures that are deemed unscrupulous by the Search Engines. In a never ending war on spam sites, search engines can and do penalize for such tactics. Google has a pretty nice rundown of what an SEO company should and should not be at:

Internet Marketing is not a Science, it’s an Art. Despite the tools we use to measure results, Web Analytics are measured through research, trial and error, and experience as well as facts and figures. Many factors drive results, not the least of which is the economy. In my opinion there is no bad time to start or build on your online reputation. Solid fundamentals and consistent additions to your content will win over the “set it and forget it” method every time.

SEO is a powerful and effective way to increase your site's traffic - but most serious SEO efforts can take at least several weeks to take effect. If you are committed and willing to manage your Website's SEO continually, you should see your results increase steadily over time. As a general rule, the more dedicated and persistent you are with on and off site optimization, the better your results will be.

In addition to following Google Webmaster Guidelines for your site, there are always new and exciting ways to market your specific business. We have experimented with marketing mixes in the online arena and have found successful formulas that work very well. As we mention in Part 3 of this series, starting a blogging initiative, to complement your organic search results, consider starting a blog for your site. This is just one way to add content and reach new and existing customers.

Internet Marketing Services take on many forms. A sound business consultation and experience in the field are some traits you should certainly look for in any SEO company. Ask questions to sound out the company. After all the SEO firm will represent your business. Research and due diligence are your responsibility as a business owner. Any sound SEO should provide you with all the background information you need.

Knowing your market trends, your target audience, and your target demographic helps immensely in the way you advertise. In our experience, offering sound business advice as well as a robust marketing plan to include all forms of advertising for your business provides the best long term results. Ask yourself what kind of results you expect to see, and how long you are committed to working towards these goals. Provide for that going into a campaign and it makes it a lot easier to reach those goals. Sometimes it helps to envision the result and work backward toward it using the SEO techniques described above.

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