Marketing your Small Business on the Internet (Part 1) Picking a Name for your Business

Marketing your Small Business on the Internet (Part 1) Picking a Name for your Business

Pittsburgh, PA - If you have not formally picked a name for your business, or are thinking of changing your business name, this article is for you. Planning is often the most overlooked step in forming a business. SEO your business name from the beginning. Don’t get caught backtracking and fixing problems that are a result of oversight when it comes to naming your business for the digital age.

Using the Where, What, and Who Method for choosing a business name and ranking with it. (The How and the Why is up to you):

Your business name should reflect directly where your service or product is sold, what it is, and finally but not necessarily who you are. Ideally it should at least promote your service or product for you all by itself. (i.e. Figs by Johnny) Better still, your business should define where your geographical target market is or where you produce or distribute your product. (i.e. Pittsburgh Figs by Johnny) With any work at all, you should attain top rankings for figs in Pittsburgh using this name, after you outrank this post of course.

So why not Johnny’s Figs in Pittsburgh or Johnny’s Pittsburgh Figs? Many businesses get caught up in this. The Pittsburgh fig consumer doesn’t much care that the figs are by Johnny. They just want figs in Pittsburgh. Until Pittsburgh Figs by Johnny is a brand unto itself, Johnny is incidental (sorry Johnny wherever you are) to the ranking of this product for Online Marketing purposes. In fact I would omit Johnny altogether and name this business Pittsburgh Figs or perhaps Figs Pittsburgh.

If this market was very tight, the location of the keywords in the name could make all the difference. Check this out for yourself with any Search Engine for a product and place. See what I mean. I give you proof positive of what I’m saying here to be true. Try typing “figs California” into a Google search box. This example is so strong that if you type figs all by itself the site appears at number 1.

This business name (Pittsburgh Figs) was invented for a company that does not exist and it makes for a good example. Marketers in highly competitive segments should carefully think out their proposed business name and research it thoroughly. The time it takes to rank for a particular product or service will vary. Unrealistic expectations of results should be avoided. As with any Marketing campaign, this takes time. With a soundly thought out business name, you have a solid head start.

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