What do Libraries, the Internet, Search Engines and your Website have in Common?


What do Libraries, the Internet, Search Engines and your Website have in Common?


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Think of your Website like a book in the library

Well, just about everything. Search Engines index and organize information with the goal of fulfilling a particular search request. A library provides a structure for the organization of books, publications and other hard copy materials which makes it easier and more efficient for us to search and find what interests us. We enter the library, locate (search) the general subject matter we’re interested in by looking at the category title headings on top of the book cases, asking the librarian, or digging through the card catalog. We then filter our way through to our category of interest to the specific subject we want.


So, a book grabs our interest based on the title and cover, we then do a browse of the flaps or covers to learn a bit more from the description, then a peek at the author,  and if we like what we’ve read so far we flip through some pages and move on from there.

Here’s how it goes in a nutshell; we locate a structure, either digital or brick and mortar, which organizes and stores what we feel is the information or content we’re looking for, we then conduct our search, then we act on those search results.

Ok, so what? If you’ve been around a bit nobody really needs a primer on how we interact with a brick and mortar library, it’s automatic. So tell me something I might not know. Well here it is; Your Website, the Internet and Search Engines work just like a library, and your Website is a “book” in a global digital library.

Let’s say you happen to have a really great book in the library, but you don’t have a title, a brief description about your book, etc., etc., how’s anybody going to spot it much less get an idea on what your book is about? Right of the bat the library can't catalog or put your book anywhere because you didn't give the library anything to catalog your book with. It’s like a 6 year old walked into the library, hid your book, making your great book meaningless because nobody can find it even if they’re specifically looking for it.

We’re broaching this subject because of the vast number of Websites that we see daily which don’t contain the bare-bones basics necessary to be part of the party when somebody is using a Search Engine to locate a particular good or service which you may supply. Just like that book in the library with no title, flap, cover or back cover description and all those other things that initially define a book to a person with the intent of capturing interest. Think of the Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.. like a giant digital card catalog.

On the Web, content is king as they say, but the content has to be defined and organized in the background as well as on page. This provides the support which gives content its best shot at being seen as king. And history has proven that kings like to be seen.

Fundamentally, the point is to treat your Website just like a book in a library. This will give yourself the best chance at being found and included in the decision making by consumers when they look for your specialty.

Here are some basics to start with:

-          Title your Home page with what you’re about, not your company’s name, that’s not a title, that’s authorship, you can squeeze your name in at the title’s end.

-          Describe your primary offerings briefly in the Home page description.

-          Define each interior page like a chapter in a book with its own title and brief description.

-          Treat your menu / navigation items as a table of contents.

-          Treat keywords as your index.

In the overall scheme of things, think of what will resonate with the people you want to reach and talk to. Speak your customers’ language and they should respond.

Oh, as a side note, most of the nerds that devised these Search Engines we use today were very involved students of library sciences.

Think of Internet Marketing Companies in Pittsburgh like Blackball Online Marketing as your research librarian that help the search engines, and ultimately your customers, find you online.


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