Google Cleans Up Search Results – Way To Go Google

Google Cleans Up Search Results - Way To Go Google

The Google LogoA few months ago we wrote a post about how Google could clean up their search listings and they have responded in a big way.

Google’s string of Panda updates was the first shot. Matt Cutts, head of Google’s web spam team, announced in his blog way back in January of 2011 that they would be starting on a vigorous anti-spam update. In February of 2011, the first Panda/Farmer update happened. The Panda updates are a series of updates aimed at cleaning up search results.

The Penguin update goes further. On April 24, 2012 Google announced their “webspam algorithm update.” This has been termed Penguin by those that give the algo updates fuzzy names. Penguin adjusted a number of spam factors, including keyword stuffing.

Do they still have more to do? Yes. Obviously Google has to fight an ever changing war on spammers who try to game the results and take short cuts to manipulate their search results. We believe they are willing to go the distance and for this we applaud all their work. Do we believe they will do it?  Yes. Past history tells us they will.

Search is big business and Google is at the forefront. When the public cries foul because they are getting poor results, Google listens. And listen they should, because SEARCH is the core component of the Google dynasty.

If you’re interested in getting to the top of the rankings for your terms and products, we advise following the Google Webmaster Guidelines to the letter. Otherwise the next ranking update may target you.

If all these Google updates are hurting your rankings you might want to change your tactics or you could just hire Blackball Online Marketing to do it for you.

For a complete list of when the Google Algorithm is changed and updated click the link.

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