12 Steps to SEO your Website

The 12 Steps To SEO Your Website

12 Steps To SEO

Our tongue in cheek look at how to SEO your website… Maybe

SEO Step 1
We admitted we were powerless over Google, that our rankings had become unmanageable.

SEO Step 2
Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore our rankings and our sanity.

SEO Step 3
Made a decision to turn our website over to the care of a proven Pittsburgh Search Engine Optimization specialist.

SEO Step 4
Searched fearlessly for such a Pittsburgh SEO specialist and found one.

SEO Step 5
Admitted to Google, ourselves, and our SEO the exact nature of our wrongdoings.

SEO Step 6
Were entirely ready for our SEO to remove our site’s shortcomings.

SEO Step 7
Humbly asked Google for a reconsideration.

SEO Step 8
Made a list of all webmaster guidelines we had violated and became willing to conform and make amends to them ALL.

SEO Step 9
Made such amends to all webmaster guidelines except when to do so would injure them or others. (or our rankings)

SEO Step 10
Continued to check rankings and Webmaster tools for any subsequent indiscretions.

SEO Step 11
Sought through prayer, meditation, and a ton of reading, to improve our understanding of Google as we know it, praying only for understating and that our SEO could carry it out.

SEO Step 12
Having had a spiritual awakening as a result of these steps, our business grew from receiving top rankings. We then tried to carry this message to other small business owners and to continually practice theses SEO principles in all our affairs.

I told you this was tongue in cheek… Sort Of

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