Pittsburgh Online Marketing Communications – Keeping a Clear Message

Pittsburgh Online Marketing Communications - Keeping a Clear Message

Not long ago I read a post about Mr Rogers and attached to it was this video . Growing up in Pittsburgh and watching Fred Rogers and Mr Rogers Neighborhood daily it made me reflect back to simpler days. This got me thinking about why Fred Rogers was so successful in communicating his message.

Never did the man interfere with the message. He was just the medium. There is definitely something to be learned from this quiet unassuming approach. Consistency and trustworthiness play an integral part in his message. This is straight from the “Fred Rogers School of How to Treat People”.

Fred Rogers was a master communicator. Every so often someone comes along with a timeless message. Passion and a firm belief in doing the right thing or sending the right message are two trademark traits of a Mr Rogers episode and of the man himself. I wonder how many children still watch Mr Rogers on YouTube. Better still I wonder how many parents know about Mr Rogers and the vitally important message he delivered and continues to deliver to us daily.

At Blackball Online Marketing, we try to use sound and fundamental advertising with a clear message as well. The difference is the medium we use to deliver this message, from blogs like this one to YouTube and Social Media. The communication channels have changed but the message remains. Part of his message was to ask questions about ourselves; and what we want to achieve. Mr Rogers always had a direct and nonjudgmental way of looking at difficulties or feelings or problems. There is something genius about the way he handled such personal communications.

As an Online Marketing Firm in Pittsburgh and as a people in general, we are always interested in how we can communicate more effectively. As a business we promote many small to medium size businesses and are constantly looking to improve the clarity of our communications. As people, we try to achieve the same things. When in doubt we just ask ourselves, “What would Fred Rogers Do Or Say?”

Fred Rogers is gone now but his message endures through all the people he taught and through the Internet. That is very powerful and THAT is effective communication with a crystal clear message. Thanks for all the lessons Mr Rogers.

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