Branding is in our DNA

Branding is in our DNA

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Think about it. People “brand” every day, either consciously or unconsciously. We’re hardwired for it. And that’s because it gives us a mental “shortcut” via the storing of one primary attribute relevant to ourselves which simplifies things. It makes the journey between association-to-recall easier. This works for us by way of storing a mental snap-shot which is clear, memorable and distinct.

It sometimes goes like this; “oh yeah, I remember that guy, (or girl) he had that crazy laugh” and so on - you get the picture. We meet somebody that ignites a bit of interest in us, (good or bad) we then mentally and automatically distill the individual down to a single “stand out” attribute unique to them, which in turn gives us the best chance for recall down the road if needed. It helps us cut through the clutter.

Let’s use a restaurant example; you’ve been asked if you know of any good restaurants around here, you say I know this place that has great pasta, now, they may also serve great seafood, salads, and other stuff, but you’ve instinctively “branded” the restaurant by taking that one attribute about the restaurant which was relevant to you personally enabling a clear transfer of info to someone else.

The person who is the recipient of your “branded” information transfer may not be the pasta type, but they may think well hey, even though I’m not into pasta, and this individual (who seems credible) says they have great pasta, so maybe they’ll have other dishes that I’ll like which are great too.  One way or the other decision making for the restaurant seeker has been made easier via branding. Just like taking a shortcut.

Now, to really seal-the-deal about branding being a part of our DNA, let’s take the most powerful, prolific and the most well-known brand in human history; Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ contained a multitude of unique attributes; He was a carpenter, born of a virgin, preached, helped people, performed miracles and a whole lot more. (I’m sure there weren’t a lot of complaints about the water into wine thing.) But what is His relevant brand, or His relevant brand promise that stood out from everything else about Him? It was and is Salvation. (Talk about consistency in a message.) And what made His brand relevant? Well I guess you could just ask any Catholic priest on Easter Sunday, or any Sunday for that matter.  (And you thought I was going to say The Beatles.)

So, a brand which incorporates focus, relevance and follow-through has a good shot at cutting through the clutter and maybe “becoming somebody.”  And with the endless onslaught of messaging overload consumers are hit with through traditional advertising streams, the Internet and its Social Media offspring, “cutting through the clutter” is more paramount today than ever. Besides, it’s in our DNA.

Sounds simple doesn’t it?

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