12 Reasons To Do Business Locally in Pittsburgh

12 Reasons To Do Business Locally in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh's Smithfield Street bridge sketch courtesy Charles Ott - Local Pittsburgh Artist

Artwork compliments of an incredibly talented local Pittsburgh artist – Charles R. Ott Jr.

As a local Pittsburgh Internet Marketing Company we know the value of the strength of our local economy. Look at what we went through as Pittsburghers when the mills closed. The effect was seismic on local communities; some of which have never recovered. When you consider hiring a company or outsourcing, look locally first. Here’s why…

  • Ability to meet in personEven with all the technology business is all about people. Getting together with a customer is what it is all about. Doing business locally you can grab a quick coffee with a customer to discuss things, meet for a quick chat on the spur of the moment and all those other things that build a relationship.
  • Easier to researchThis is a given, but allows you to get more “human” details on people, not generated by some third party means.
  • Customers like knowing you're close to home - it increases their comfort levelThere’s a sense of comfort when a customer knows you’re close by and feels you’re available.
  • Direct calling - customers can speak directly without time zone or language barriersThat says it all, especially when a customer calls and actually talks to a human being.
  • Local networking benefits - it's easier to generate other business through local connectionsWord spreads fast locally, either positive or negative. When you have a service provider that does good and trustworthy work, word spreads fast, everyone first and foremost wants someone they feel they can trust.
  • Ease of supportCustomers enjoy knowing you’re a bean’s throw away. Even if you’re can’t make it immediately.
  • LogisticsYou know the quickest and best route to get to a customer. And the customer knows you know.
  • Monetary conversion ratesThe customer and service provider are more apt to play it straight. It’s easier to work things out between the service provider and the customer on a person-by-person level.
  • Same frame of referenceWhen people come from the same area they face the same challenges, enjoy the same benefits, and can relate to all the things in between – because they are living them too. They “hey, you know so-and-so thing.”
  • Supporting regional economyLocal businesses that do well spend money on other local businesses. All the support positions and service industries prosper with a solid local community.
  • Keeping people employedWith a focus on establishing and building your customer relationships locally you’ll be provided a more intimate knowledge of the people resources available.
  • Cost reduction – travel – digitalBuild your business outward by building a strong reputation close to home first and foremost using digital tools to support your customer relationships.

Sometimes we forget just how lucky we are in Pittsburgh. The talent pool is extraordinary. We have always been diverse in our skills and abilities to solve problems. We have some of the nations top people, hospitals, universities, and arts. Do business locally. Hire a Pittsburgh business.

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