John Wooden – Business Can Be Personal

John Wooden - Business Can Be Personal

“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do. “
John Wooden

John Wooden dies at 99, a pretty successful life career I would have to say. Accepting accolades and praise were not this man’s style. His mantra on life and coaching reflected the core values of a simpler time.

John Wooden had sayings about life and coaching that I call truisms. His faith and genuine goodness he shared freely. What an outstanding example of a man. Take this quote, “Never mistake activity for achievement. “ That says to me that no matter how successful we are at business or sports or our given profession we can never be complete if we are not of service to our fellow man.

Helping people is good business. I think he would've liked that statement. Its our motto. Maybe if we all looked at each other as customers we'd treat each other better. Thank You Mr. Wooden for a great run and some great life lessons.

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