Twitter Help Resources – The Twitter Help Files

Twitter Help Resources - The Twitter Help Files

Pittsburgh, PA - As our previous posts on Twitter mention at the Blackball Online SEO Newsblog, the Twitter community has been very kind to us. We would like to return the favor by providing some Twitter resources that may be overlooked.

When we started our Twitter experience, like most, we didn’t read the instructions. (i.e. the Help Files) Help files are a very valuable resource. The same holds true for Twitter. No-one could have predicted all the scenarios or uses for Twitter that have been encountered to date with such a diverse user group.

We thought we would share some very valuable Twitter Help File links to common problems and save you some time:

The Twitter Main Help Page -

Twitter has developed this area with resources to aid in Getting Started, Finding People, Official Twitter Text Commands, and Frequently Asked Questions.

The sidebar of the main help page is a wealth of information. It contains this:

Help Resources

Getting Started (25)

Find answers to common questions!

Using Twitter with your phone (10)

Tweet by text: find help using your phone with Twitter!

Trouble Shooting (17)

Having problems? Check out some of our most common issues and what to do about them

Known Issues (22)

Find updates about open bugs and currently known issues. Click the 'subscribe' link to receive email updates when a new topic is posted by Twitter Support.

Impersonation, Trademark, and Terms of Service policies (13)

Find out how to report common Terms of Service or Rules violations, such as impersonation, copyright, trademark, user name squatting and more.

Some roadblocks we have faced and where we went to solve them:

Follow Limits -

Contacting Twitter

More information about Twitter
*@spam: follow our spam profile and report Twitter spam via direct message
*Status Blog: check Twitter's current system status.
*Twitter Blog: what's new with Twitter
*Developer Blog: a technical blog from the Twitter engineering team
*Developer Group: if you're a developer, join our mailing list

A pleasant experience is what we all want from Twitter; we hope we have armed you with some suggestions to help your Twitter experience in the event you experience any roadblocks along the way. Using Help files when they are available is always good practice. Technical Support personnel are always very busy so if you can solve the problem yourself your time can be better spent Tweeting. If you cannot solve the problem or find the solution yourself, you’ll be armed with the information to assist the technicians in fixing your problem and get faster results.

Other helpful Twitter Resources:

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This post compiled by Pittsburgh SEO by Blackball Online. Happy Tweeting.

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