Twitter Grader and Blackball Online Social Media

Twitter Grader and Blackball Online Social Media

Twitter Grader by Hubspot

Twitter Grader by Hubspot

Pittsburgh, PA – Our efforts and posts are aimed at educating the small business owner as to the viability and effectiveness of Twitter and other Social Media platforms to increase their web presence and gain sales and brand recognition. If you have been following our Blog posts at the Blackball Online Newsblog about our experience with Twitter, you have a head start. If you haven’t been following us as of yet, no problem, the links to the Twitter posts are listed below.

Twitter tools are everywhere now. There are thousands of plugins, applications, URL shorteners, auto posting tools, the list goes on and on. A very effective analysis of Twitter accounts is provided by the Twittergrader tool shown above, written by Hubspot, an industry leader in all things digital. These folks know their tools and they are extremely pleasant as well.

We have already spoken of the value of Twitter to business. We wanted to show visually how effective our Social Media campaigns can be, and how we can put together a similar campaign for you. The screenshot is a graphic representation of this fact. For those of you with text-only browsers, Blackball Online (@blackballonline) scored 99.95 out of 100 on Twittergrader. Check it out here: The ranking factors which go into this tool have been made transparent by Hubspot at; And we think that is just a measure of how good the tools and the company are.

Contact Blackball Online or call at (412)377-7280 for a free consultation about your business on the Internet and how we can help you to get started or go to that next level.

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