The Internet’s value in consumer purchasing and decision making.

A study by Yahoo shows Internet and Search are heavily used by consumers in research and decision-making. Yahoo cited a number of business categories outlining the consumer relationship with search and the importance of  Website Design for businesses providing services and goods.

So, to keep this post short and sweet we've exampled Yahoo's home improvement segment for now. The entire study can be found at

Home improvement consumer search:

Here Yahoo found that 59 percent of homeowners used the Internet to do research on contractors for home improvement purposes. In terms of the categories of search queries used in this context, they were as follows:

  • Type of service needed - 77 percent
  • City and zip code - 56 percent
  • Specific business name - 39 percent
  • General, like "home services  or contractor"  - 32 percent

The importance of a business class Website:

Here too contractor Websites were very important in the consumer decision-making process. According to the Yahoo findings "63 percent of homeowners reached a contractor's Website through a search engine and 63 percent of homeowners who visited a personal contractor Website ended up choosing a contractor that had a site."

Here were the items and features that consumers clicked on when on contractor sites:

  • Photos/visuals - 87 percent
  • Contact information - 83 percent
  • Learn more about their services -80 percent
  • Read reviews and testimonials - 67 percent
  • Look for special deals or promotions - 63 percent
  • Get approximate costs - 23 percent
  • Schedule an appointment - 17 percent

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