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Pittsburgh Website Design Video

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Are you saying to yourself, “Why doesn’t my website rank on Google?” or “How can I get my website to show up on the Search Engines?” or “How can I get my website to the first page of Google?” then we are the Website Design company for you. Watch our short video on Pittsburgh Web Design then visit the link below to our Pittsburgh Website Design page and get more info.

Pittsburgh Website Design Video by Blackball Online Marketing. We design websites that rank on Google and Bing.  We build all our sites with sound fundamental site architecture and classy website design. Add to this great content and you have top Organic search rankings and more business. Don’t hire a website designer or agency and then think about search engine optimization as an afterthought. Get it all in one web design project that is ready for marketing. As always our initial consultation is free.

8 Ways to Protect Your Website From Domain Hijacking

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Domain Hijacking: Small Business Owners Beware

We see it more and more; a small business owner comes to us for search engine optimization or website design work and can’t access their own website. Often times a small business buys web design services from a company that churns out hundreds of the small websites daily. This is usually done in a cookie cutter template system that locks them into proprietary software that effectively leaves the website stranded and at the control of this organization. This in effect holds the domain hostage until you move it or buy more services from the company. That’s their whole point; getting you to stay with them and their under-performing or outdated product.

Hosting firms or web designers often have technical login information necessary to register your domains and to login to your accounts. This is normal. But beware the hosting company, web designer, or SEO who changes your Administrative and Technical contact information to their own, or they simply list themselves as the main contact to begin with. This spells trouble. You, as the owner, should always be listed on the Administrative contact information. A quick way to check this is through our Whois database.

Blackball Online Marketing Whois Check

Find Out Whose Names are on Your Domains - You May Be Surprised

Often the only way to get your logins is to provide credit card information to the hosting company and get yourself reinstated as the rightful owner of the domain in question. But what if the company hosts your website as well? This can prove to be a more daunting task. Let’s see if we can help explain it?  Visit ICANN’s dispute resolution page and locate your problem. Follow the steps they suggest as they are the global moderator of Domain names. By the way, ICANN stands for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. What they say goes.

Ways around the unscrupulous company - Don’t Hire Them

Do your research

Be proactive. Your business website is the key to your digital sales and reputation. Take your time and research hosting, web design, and SEO firms exhaustively. The time you save could be your own. :-D

Work with trusted people

How do you know who to trust? That’s where the research from the previous step comes in. Do you have a friend in IT that may be able to point you in the right direction? There are also resources available to you through the Small Business Administration. (The SBA site is an unbelievable resource. I wouldn’t point you there if it wasn’t) The Better Business Bureau may also have complaints on hand to add an additional safety check.

Plan your project

Take into account what you want now. Then take into account your wish list for the future of your website and digital business presence.

Account for scale

Along with planning, scalability is very important to developing a successful business solution that will handle your growth over time.

Choose your hosting wisely

Your hosting is the foundation of your website. A good hosting company is one that never gets noticed. Technical capability, 24 hour support, guaranteed up-time should all be considered over money. Don’t sell yourself short, do it right the first time. We wrote a whole post on choosing your web hosting company wisely.

Register your domain yourself

The reasoning behind this is so that the credit card on file with the domain registrar is yours. You can circumvent a kidnapped website by following this simple rule. This also lets you receive emails and billing information when activity happens on your account.

Get and keep your logins

Make sure you are listed as the Administrative contact. It’s also a good idea to keep your logins handy to save time in the event of any need to change or modify access.

Yearly checks

ICANN now requires a yearly affirmation that the information on your account is correct.

This sounds like a lot of information and it is. Educating yourself as to the ins and outs of hosting rules and resolutions can be frustrating and time consuming but well worth it in the end. So you ask “Is there any way around this?” Our answer is yes. Hire Us for your complete Pittsburgh Website Design Solution. We can host, design, build, SEO, and market your website at an affordable price. We also offer Pittsburgh Internet Consulting Services to resolve your business issues.

Pittsburgh Online Marketing for Your Business – Website Promotion and More

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Pittsburgh Online Marketing for Your Business – Website Promotion and More

Pittsburgh, PA – We get the standard question,”How Do I Promote My Business Online?” all the time. The short answer is there are no magic bullets. As we mentioned in a previous post, consistency and innovation are the keys to marketing your Pittsburgh business online. We are amazed that some small businesses have not come to terms with the fact that a website is as important as a business card.

Pittsburgh Internet Marketing and Website Design

Present yourself to new clients in a positive light, informing them about your products, services, and talents. Our advice is to hire a professional Pittsburgh Website Design company. We also covered this topic in a previous post. Stay involved with the content generation for your new or existing site. Keep the content updated frequently for your online audience. The search engines like this and so do the people who visit your website or blog. If you are feeling adventurous, have a Blogsite developed for your business. Be prepared to write often and check on the site frequently.

Maintain Consistency and Timeliness

Consider your target customer always. When generating new content, running a website promotion or sale, and in general you want to maintain focus. Stick to your core competencies and exploit the strengths of your business. If you haven’t considered these terms and topics now is the time. Get out some paper and write your ideas down. You can revisit them later to check yourself for consistency in your Pittsburgh Online Marketing message. These ideas and observations can also serve to generate new ideas for later use.

Pittsburgh Seasonal and Marketing Trends

Stay in touch with current happenings in your business niche. Are there any new product offerings? Should your business run seasonal promotions? Is your business cyclical? Are you involved in an emerging market? The Internet is full of also ran websites that don’t perform because of various reasons. Don’t let this happen to your Pittsburgh business. This is another reason to hire a professional Pittsburgh Internet Marketing Consultant.

Pittsburgh Website Monitoring and Brand Management

It is always nice to have another set of eyes on your Online Brand to manage the reputation or your business. Replying to customer comments in a timely fashion is always good form. This allows you to recognize your customer and communicate with them directly. Others see this and it becomes another selling point for your services and strengthens your bond which keeps your customer loyalty up. Good customer service is often overlooked in the fast paced world we live in today.

Pittsburgh Website Design and Internet Marketing for your business requires a vast array of skills. Blackball Online possesses all of these and many more. Call us today at 412-377-7280 for a free consultation of your online business needs.