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Play the Twitter Game: Fun For All

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

Play the Twitter Game – Fun For All

Play the Twitter game with Blackball Online Marketing

Play the Twitter game with Blackball Online Marketing

The Blackball Online Marketing Twitter Game


We are launching a little game on our favorite Social Media platform, the Twitter Game. The whole purpose of this game is to add some positive interaction and have fun. We have always followed those who follow us and will continue to do this. We want to be this to be positive, beneficial, meaningful and fun. Did I say FUN?


Here’s how the Blackball Online Marketing Twitter Game works:

Follow Blackball Online Marketing on Twitter then:



We have created 20 lists since that’s all Twitter allows. We will put you on the list/s if your tweet mentions #blackballonline and you do any of the following: Those who mention @blackballonline in a tweet Our Second Mentions list Our 3rd mentions list Those who send shoutouts #SO or #shoutouts to Blackball Online Marketing Those who promote Blackball Online Marketing Those who give Blackball Online marketing a #VIPSO or #VIP shout Those who have retweeted a Blackball Online Marketing Pittsburgh SEO post Those who consistently retweet Blackball posts The finest of the fine Those who promote Blackball Online Marketing through teamfollowback #TFB or #teamfollowback Those who graciously retweet #RT our tweets Tweeters who have followfriday mentions for Blackball Online Marketing #FF or #followfriday Those with great profile pics top peeps promoters – just mention us with a #TOPS hashtag Supportive Tweeple get on the Happy List for folks that are kind and #happy Interactive and helpful Tweeters that take the time to actually type us a message List of positive folks You only have to mention #Pittsburgh not be from Pittsburgh Those who have been listed on all the previous lists and exhibit stunning interactivity and are always willing to help


This game is meant to be fun so let’s keep it that way. Also, Twitter has set the limit at 500 accounts per list so the space is limited. This is a great way to promote your brand and develop some serious promotion by getting added to 20 lists. We should all benefit by this enormously and who knows, maybe have fun doing it. Happy Tweeting.

The Blackball Online Marketing Twitter Game brought to you by SEO Pittsburgh

Follow Us On Twitter

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Follow Blackball Online Marketing on Twitter

Having a first-class website is a must in today’s turbocharged business climate. In our opinion, participating in Twitter and Social Media to drive business to your website only strengthens your companies ability to reach prospective clients. Having said this, we started thinking of ways to tie the two together.

Everyone knows about Twitter, not everyone knows how powerful it is. Many business owners simply don’t understand Twitter. It’s time to shed some light on Twitter and its ability to drive business to your website. Pittsburgh Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimization depends on being fundamentally sound as well as being innovative. That’s where this new technique comes in.

Simply linking @blackballonline to the home page of our site completes the circle of the social graph for Twitter. Now our Twitter username is linked to our website. We haven’t seen anyone attempt this. We are curious ourselves as to the results.

This brings to mind some other methods of ranking on Google for our site. What if we put #Pittsburgh #Internet #Marketing #SEO in anchor text and linked it to our site. Well, we’ll find out. Twitter and the 200,000+ apps that surround it are fantastic traffic sources. I’m sure this will benefit the rankings, just how much time will tell. Get inventive and shares your thoughts with a comment.

Oh! And if you really do want to follow us on Twitter click the button above.

Where To Find People To Follow On Twitter

Monday, August 9th, 2010

I was asked on Twitter itself by a new found friend, “Where do I find more people to follow?” There are a number of places to go to find Twitter users to follow. We have mentioned many of these in previous posts and they still provide useful and relevant information so we’ll give a brief list for those who haven’t seen our previous posts on this topic. - THE Twitter search - A much better way to search for Twitter users – many folks never try the advanced link and we recommend it highly for better follow targeting. - Billed as the Twitter Yellow pages - If your into popularity this site is very valuable - Twitter search in real time. Also YouTube and TweetMeme most popular searches That’s right friends – Big Daddy G can provide another alternative search method that’s sometimes overlooked for people to follow on Twitter.

Twitter Who To Follow Image - Blackball Online Marketing

But the real breaking Twitter news is Twitter itself has launched a Who to follow section on your Twitter profile home page. Most users are familiar with the original Twitter interface and are comfortable there. This incorporates the Twitter Search in 4 distinct sections. (In order for these Screenshot links to work for you, you should already be logged in to Twitter as they are secure links.)

Find on Twitter – Find People or Businesses

Find On Twitter Screen

Browse Interests – Search by Category -

Twitter Browse Interests screen

Suggestions For You – Seems to incorporate levels of existing users’ follows to generate a new list of those you may like to follow.  -

Twitter Suggestions For Following screen

Find Friends – Searches your email accounts for those already Twitter -

Find Twitter friends through Email contacts

Have more or other interesting methods? Leave a comment. This post brought to you by your favorite Pittsburgh Twitter Marketing Consultants at Blackball Online Marketing.