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Pittsburgh SEO Etiquette For Blog Commenting

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Pittsburgh SEO Etiquette For Blog Commenting

Pittsburgh SEO Etiquette Post for blog commenting stick figureNote To Self: Be A Better Neighbor On The Web

Blog commenting spam still carries weight in the rankings

It would cease to be such a prolific tactic for comment spammers if it didn’t. Below are a few points about being a better citizen of the digital community. We are not immune to these either. We are identifying these traits and making concerted efforts to be better citizens and neighbors of the digital world.

Refrain from Hijacking the Conversation

Stay On Topic. If there is some other direction you would like to explore with a blog topic, write about it yourself. We see it all the time; blog comments that hijack the conversation of a well written post. It has become so commonplace that few even take notice. It’s the ADD of the Internet. Someone creates an awesome post, then the comments turn into “look at me”, “look at our post”, “our post is better”, or they manipulate the conversation to suite their own ends. Pure laziness.

Solid debate drives ingenuity

Respect yourself enough to read the post you are commenting on. This way you don’t end up looking foolish for getting the whole point mixed up. Or worse yet, parroting points the author has already made. Take the time to read the post. Your reputation and standing in the community will benefit. If you have a genuine beef with the writers’ post or opinions, simply state it. That’s the beauty of the Internet; it is a celebration of diversity and like minded people all in one.

With all the aggregating websites designed to produce and repurpose content out there, the Internet is becoming filled with trash. Useless sites spewing out endless volumes of unreadable and duplicate content for the sake of links and ads are everywhere. The search engines are finally looking and penalizing these sites. Kudos to them for identifying the problem and taking action.

Value Your Own Credibility

This boils down to reputation management in my eyes. If you continuously spam posts with “Well Done” and “Nice Site” comments it shows weakness in your game. It says to anyone who reads, writes, or administers blogs that you just are an also ran tagging along and riding the wave of their toil and sweat. Bloggers will react and either delete your comments through a spam filter or report you to comment spam reporting sites to do the whole blogging community a service.

Give Credit Where Credit is Due

Want to increase your online status and credibility? Link to the original post that stirred your creative juices. Mention the author or blog site that made you pause and think of a better mousetrap. Then you can comment on the original blog in a meaningful and substantive way. You could even add a link like this one for the article on spamming blog comments with anonymity that became the trigger for this article.

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Valuing Your Blog Readers

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

We have been hearing for some time now about blog posting frequency and the value of traffic generation. Warm and fuzzy statistics and pretty pictures broken down to the nth iteration of data on how traffic goes up and blah, blah, blah. This is nothing new, but we never hear about the deterioration of content that happens when firms try to post beyond their means or what happens to reader abandonment rates as a result.

At Blackball Online Marketing we value your time and don’t want to produce useless and pointless posts for the sake of posting. The Internet is saturated with this kind of content already. There are those of you who may say this is a pointless post. LOL and that’s OK. We just want to say Thanks for reading our blog and ask you to sign up if you’re new.

I bet if the analytics crunchers did a study on the frequency of blog posting as it relates to the value of the posts they would find the content has a severely declining curve. Devalued content would then most assuredly lower the conversion rates; and the conversion rates are after all what we’re in business for.

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Blog Burnout

Monday, September 14th, 2009

Overcoming Blog Burnout

In my previous life I was a fanatical weight-lifter, and there was a saying; “you can train hard, and you can train long, but you can’t do both at the same time” (unless you were on steroids). But a bunch of us tried anyway and the body reacted, by doing of all things, “burning out.” So what does this have to do with blogging? Well, I’m seeing more and more of a similar thing, a lot of well designed business class blogs that have just burned out, nothing posted for months.

Unless your full-time position/job with an enterprise is as a Social Media articulator or reasonable facsimile there of, you will most certainly burn out and become very frustrated trying to come up with good quality blog posts day in and day out. Even if this is your full time job, it will be difficult.

I saw a post on a particular profession’s blog that went something like this “I have nothing to blog about, and I don’t know what to say” then the post went into a highly stylized “rant” about who knows what. I believe this individual was venting frustrations about not having anything to blog about. (Maybe that’s what I’m doing now.)

There’s more than a few blog gurus out there telling you to do this and do that to prevent blog burnout, but in a lot of cases it just comes down to time and I just can’t come up with anything of quality to say. Forcing the issue doesn’t make it any better.

Zenith’s tagline way-back-when was “Quality goes in before the name goes out.” The Zenith people said nothing about quantity, quality was job one.

I see blogging the same way, quality, not quantity. If a post doesn’t make it for a few weeks or even longer for one reason or another, so be it. I just want to make sure it’s as relevant as I can get it at that time when the post does go up.

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