Valuing Your Blog Readers

We have been hearing for some time now about blog posting frequency and the value of traffic generation. Warm and fuzzy statistics and pretty pictures broken down to the nth iteration of data on how traffic goes up and blah, blah, blah. This is nothing new, but we never hear about the deterioration of content that happens when firms try to post beyond their means or what happens to reader abandonment rates as a result.

At Blackball Online Marketing we value your time and don’t want to produce useless and pointless posts for the sake of posting. The Internet is saturated with this kind of content already. There are those of you who may say this is a pointless post. LOL and that’s OK. We just want to say Thanks for reading our blog and ask you to sign up if you’re new.

I bet if the analytics crunchers did a study on the frequency of blog posting as it relates to the value of the posts they would find the content has a severely declining curve. Devalued content would then most assuredly lower the conversion rates; and the conversion rates are after all what we’re in business for.

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