Blog Burnout

Overcoming Blog Burnout

In my previous life I was a fanatical weight-lifter, and there was a saying; “you can train hard, and you can train long, but you can’t do both at the same time” (unless you were on steroids). But a bunch of us tried anyway and the body reacted, by doing of all things, “burning out.” So what does this have to do with blogging? Well, I’m seeing more and more of a similar thing, a lot of well designed business class blogs that have just burned out, nothing posted for months.

Unless your full-time position/job with an enterprise is as a Social Media articulator or reasonable facsimile there of, you will most certainly burn out and become very frustrated trying to come up with good quality blog posts day in and day out. Even if this is your full time job, it will be difficult.

I saw a post on a particular profession’s blog that went something like this “I have nothing to blog about, and I don’t know what to say” then the post went into a highly stylized “rant” about who knows what. I believe this individual was venting frustrations about not having anything to blog about. (Maybe that’s what I’m doing now.)

There’s more than a few blog gurus out there telling you to do this and do that to prevent blog burnout, but in a lot of cases it just comes down to time and I just can’t come up with anything of quality to say. Forcing the issue doesn’t make it any better.

Zenith’s tagline way-back-when was “Quality goes in before the name goes out.” The Zenith people said nothing about quantity, quality was job one.

I see blogging the same way, quality, not quantity. If a post doesn’t make it for a few weeks or even longer for one reason or another, so be it. I just want to make sure it’s as relevant as I can get it at that time when the post does go up.

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