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Q. Why would I need a Website at all?

A. A Website helps enhance your professional appearance. How many times have you heard in an informal (or formal) business conversation, "Do you have a site I can go to?" It's a very convenient way for interested parties to find out more about your business and ultimately open the door to further interaction. A professionally designed Website adds to your credibility. It's where you are entirely in control of putting your best foot forward and keeping it there.

Q. What is SEO?

A. SEO is the technical term used for placing your Website with the Search Engines to achieve the highest rank possible for the best exposure on a search listing page consistently, to get more business. Like they say in the movies, "location is everything."

Q. What's all the hoopla about SEO?

A. An Internet study by the PEW Research Center revealed that 90% of all Websites are found through a Search Engine, (Search is second only to email in Internet usage) and that a search on the Internet is the first thing people do now when investigating something of interest to them. This says a lot.

Q. What is Organic SEO?

A. Organic SEO is the achieving of a high and consistent Search Engine page rank without paying a Search Engine for placement.

Q. What is Pay Per Click (PPC) SEO?

A. PPC SEO is accomplished by paying the Search Engines for placement on their results page for given keywords and usually appears on the top and/or on the right hand side under the title "Sponsored Links" or "Sponsored Ads".

Q. How long does it take to see results from Organic SEO?

A. Like most marketing and advertising campaigns with commitment and due-diligence, initial results in improved ranking start almost immediately. (30 days or less) However, it usually takes approximately 2-6 months to see the full effect. Effective SEO can transform your Website into a "salesman that never sleeps." The return on investment for a sound SEO strategy is almost always worth the investment, no matter what your profession. Unrealistic expectations can kill the business benefits of an SEO strategy quicker than anything.

Q. What about when I want to update my Website?

A. That's where Blackball Online's support comes in; our Websites are built to lend themselves to minimal cost text and image updates with a guaranteed 24 hour turn-around. By the same token we'd most certainly give you the option to update your Website yourself. What we've found through experience, however, is most business professionals don't have the time for this while having a business to run. The self-updating generally ends with, "hey - you guys do it."

Q. What is a business class email address?

A. A business class email address coincides with your registered domain or Web address. Lets say your company sells widgets and your Web address is, your business email address would be Research shows customers are prone to respond better to an organization using a business class email address.
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